PEER is the trusted brand to the global industry leaders in agricultural and lawn and garden bearing products. PEER is a leading innovator in agricultural bearings, bringing patented maintenance-free solutions to the Industry and increasing the productivity of farmers and landscapers everywhere.

Development and demands of agricultural industry

Agriculture is one of the oldest economic pillars existing. About one third of the earth’s surface is presently dominated by agricultural use. Nearly 12000 years ago, the first agricultural activities started. Since then, technological development has consistently contributed to increase productivity and yield in order to feed an ever increasing population.

Achievements in mechanization provide continuous improvement of effective use of natural resources. Realization of highest possible yield while considering growing population, working personal and environmental constraints are todays challenges in agriculture. Agricultural megatrends show a demand of crop expected to satisfy nine billion people in 2050, with about 70% of the population living in cities and based on a grain intensive diet. At the same time the production of biofuel increases steadily.

Large areas of arable land are a clear tendency to reduce production cost, optimize agricultural processes to minimize time and to reach the highest yield. Highly reliable equipment, user friendly, off ering low maintenance cost and total cost of ownership while at the same time providing increased farm productivity is needed.



Best possible growing conditions are determined not only by an adequately prepared seedbed – Perfectly placed and distributed seeds in a ...



Soil preparation aims to provide best possible growing conditions in preparing a seedbed for crops by mechanical agitation of soil while at...



A combine harvester has the following main functional units:
 Header and feeder house: cutting of crops and ...



To harvest fodder, (such as tall grasses and legumes) or plant residue (such as corn stalks, wheat straw or peanut vines) crops are first cut, dried to ...


Bearings for Lawn & Garden Tools

PEER Bearing is a market Leader in the Lawn & Garden Industry supplying a full line of bearing solutions developed specifically for the application environment. Bearings used in mower spindles and idler pulleys are expected to provide trouble free performance year after year. Contamination is the leading cause of bearing failure in most Lawn & Garden applications. PEER seals are engineered to provide maximum contamination exclusion to extend the life of the bearing. TurfXtreme solutions are sealed-for-life deep groove ball bearings for the residential and commercial Lawn and Garden equipment market.



Today' s agricultural industry demand is higher then ever for products that will keep the farmers equipment in the field, operating continously. Farmers are operating equipment longer, faster, harder and will continue to push the boundaries to increase production. In order to support the top OEM manufactures of farm equipment, PEER has developed the AGXTREMETM product portfolio.


The AGXTREMETM portfolio consists of the TILLXTREMETM, SEEDXTREMETM and TURFXTREMETM product offerings. Proven through years of research, development and rigerous testing in both lab and field, the advanced sealing technology ensures optimal performance for the customer...



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