Combine Bearing

A combine harvester has the following main functional units:

 Header and feeder house: cutting of crops and transportation into the threshing unit

 Threshing unit: threshing of crop in order to loosen the grain from chaff and dust

 Shaker: separation of dust, straw, chaff and grain as well as movement of straw towards the straw chopper or spreader

 Cleaning unit: cleaning of grain using air ventilation to achieve clean grain

 Grain tank, auger: storage, transportation and unloading of grain

 Straw chopper and straw spreader: chopping and spreading of straw residue

After cutting and threshing, the desired crop is separated from dust, chaff and straw. Optionally the straw is chopped and the residue is left on field.

Application Challenges

PEER proven engineering solutions

  • Bolt-on performance

    • Full range of stamped steel and cast iron housings
    • Common use of set screws, eccentric lock collars or hex bore bearings

  • Increased productivity and bearing life in field due to:

    • High contamination feature package with seals matched to the application

  • Increased speed to the market

    • PEER bearing solutions are interchangeable with industry standard designs
    • PEER offers one of the industry’s largest range of high performance combine bearing

Common application conditions and environment

A combine has several different bearing positions, each with similar conditions but having unique challenges:

  • Dry, dust-filled environment; several positions have direct
  • Medium to high speed (500 - 2000 min-1)
  • Crop wrap and abrasive wear of bearing components
  • Shock loads can be common