Bearing Solutions for the Material Handling Industry

PEER's full-line of material handling bearings help to keep your machinery efficient and productive.

Bearings for Conveyor Systems

Highly dependable and cost efficient, PEER Bearings provide conveyor manufacturers the competitive advantage necessary for today and crucial for tomorrows success. Comprised of a full line of styles, sizes and configurations, PEER retains a global presence in the demanding material handling and conveyor industry. PEER's focus is on equipping customers with the competitive advantages so significant in today's critical use systems; Reliability, long life, safety, consistent performance, ease of use and outstanding value.

Offering standard features for normal use and engineered advantages for critical use systems, PEER's dedicated group of Application Engineers work with customers from design to delivery guaranteeing the solutions provided meet your expectations. The market, the industry, and customers' expectations are ever expanding and PEER continuously invests in and leverages our application knowledge, R&D and manufacturing expertise to provide cost effective, reliable, industry leading and consistent products under the PEER Brand.

Bearings for Food & Beverage Equipment

Exposure to the harsh environment and aggressive wash-down cycles found in food and beverage processing equipment can greatly reduce bearing life and performance. PEER food and beverage bearings are designed to provide drop-in replacement, tireless operation and performance. PEER offers corrosion resistant 440C stainless steel and zinc plated bearings in many different housing styles and materials including: 304 stainless steel, PBT (thermoplastic), and nicked plated gray iron. PEER’s well trained and experienced Application Engineers can identify, isolate and create solutions to keep processing at peak levels while reducing maintenance requirements and down-times resulting in lower cost of ownership, increased up-time and improve machine life.

Bearings for Elevators

PEER Bearing is a market leader in the Material Handling industry supplying a full line of bearing solutions developed specifically for the Elevator market. System reliability, passenger safety, and low maintenance are major requirements in the Elevator market. In addition, passenger comfort must be guaranteed by smooth and quiet running conditions.
To meet these demands, PEER offers a wide range of catalog solutions to perform successfully in all elevator applications. We provide 100% EMQ tested deep groove ball bearings for the traction & door motor, sealed bearings for the sheave, high precision ball bearings for rotary encoders and shielded bearings for door applications. We also offer tapered roller bearings for worm gear reduction gearboxes.

PEER also designs, develops and manufactures custom bearing pulley solutions for the new generation of rubber belt driven elevator systems. These solutions feature integrated V-grooves directly into the bearing assembly which reduces the bearing footprint and allows for better control of bearing noise & vibration. For humid environments, a protective coating can be applied to the bearing to prevent surface corrosion.


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Bearings for Lift Trucks

PEER products portfolio includes proven solutions for different positions in the lift trucks. We offer deep groove ball bearings with upgraded seal and grease for the wheel application and tapered roller bearings for the articulation points.

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