Bearing Solutions for the Off-Highway Industry

PEER provides a variety of bearing solutions to meet your off highway vehicle needs.

Bearings for the Construction & Agriculture Equipment

PEER ball and roller bearings are engineered to provide the highest reliability and performance under the tough conditions that off-highway machinery powertrains must endure. PEER is dedicated to Research and Development and utilizes advanced calculation tools to accurately predict powertrain bearing life before expensive prototypes are manufactured and tested. PEER can optimize internal geometry and material for maximum performance, while, retaining globally standardized boundary dimensions resulting in bringing new products to market faster.

Bearings for the Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles need to be reliable and durable. They are pushed to limits by weekend warriors, service employees and professional riders. PEER offers standard bearings with customizable seal and lubricant combinations to allow you to get the most performance out of your recreational vehicle. PEER has experience providing high quality bearings for wheels, drive shaft support, transmission, clutches and brakes in your applications. Some recreational vehicle applications require PEER engineered seals to provide maximum contamination exclusion to extend bearing life. Some applications require the long life of PEER's open bearings in transmissions and gearboxes. PEER can offer standard, industry recognized sizes, or provide support to develop unique solutions to meet special customer requirements.

PEER provides a variety of bearing solutions to meet your off-highway vehicle needs. Our product line includes standard industry sizes as well as custom solutions to meet your application needs. Our products are designed to meet the tough requirements that these vehicles must endure. Patented Product Solutions: Grip-it™ Plus Concentric Lock.

  • Robust tapered roller bearing and deep groove ball bearing construction extends the bearing life for improved equipment and vehicle reliability
  • Custom engineered bearing solutions available to meet specific requirements
  • Technical support from industry focused Application Engineers
  • Advanced calculation software to optimize bearing design and performance

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