Mounted Bearing Units

PEER manufacturers and offers an extensive and full line of Insert ball bearings and assemblies in industry standard and custom configurations. Our broad product offering includes a wide array of locking styles and housing designs. An extensive catalog offering combined with application and regionally specific solutions ensure global needs and requirements can be fulfilled.

Our Bearing Styles include:

  • Dual set screw locking with wide and narrow inner rings in spherical and cylindrical outer rings.
  • Eccentric locking collar with wide and narrow inner rings in spherical and cylindrical outer rings.
  • Patented Grip-It® concentric locking with wide and narrow inner rings in spherical and cylindrical outer rings.
  • UK Adapter locking.

Our Housing Styles include:

  • Pillow-Blocks in high grade cast iron, high strength ductile iron, stamped steel, polymer and stainless steel.
  • 2, 3 and 4 bolt flanges in high grade cast iron, high strength ductile iron, stamped steel, polymer and stainless steel.
  • Hanger units, take-up units, cartridge and other specialty use designs.
  • Rubber insulators.

Speciality Mounted Units

Mounted Bearing Units for Agriculture

PEER developed AgXtreme bearing seals specifically for harsh and severe environments. The advanced seal technology was designed for environments where a standard seals is not tough enough.
PEER's line of Mounted unit bearings and assembled units covers the full range of locking styles and housing types. Locking styles include dual set screw, eccentric locking collar, UK style adapter lock and PEER’s patented line of Grip-It PLUS® concentric lock. Sealing options include industry leading single lip and agricultural seals for highest protection including F-Design and G-design single lip and superior grade triple lip seals all with high strength full metal shrouds. Housing options include all standard styles and sizes of 2-Bolt, 3-Bolt, 4-Bolt, Pillow-block, hanger, take-up and piloted flanges in high strength cast and ductile iron materials. Select sizes are also offered in stamped steel and polymer materials.


  • Precision ground and super finished raceways
  • Increased premium lubricant and fill for added contamination protection and long life.
  • High performance seals for both flush and extended inner ring bearings.


  • Increased performance
  • Extended product life

Mounted Bearing Units for Food and Beverage

PEER's wash-down line of mounted units provides excellent corrosion resistance under the harshest conditions. Bearings are available in 440C stainless steel and zinc plated 52100 chrome steel for superior load capacity and excellent chemical resistance even in contact with sulfuric, nitric or acetic acids. Dual set screw and select eccentric locking collar styles in common sizes are readily available from our expansive inventory. Housings are available in industry standard styles including pillow blocks, tapped base pillow blocks, 2, 3, and 4 bolt flanges, take-up units and hanger styles. Housing materials include stainless steel, PBT polymer and electro less nickel plated.


  • Stainless steel bearings are designed with extended inner rings for shaft stability and set screw locking for bi-directional applications. Special order eccentric locking units available.
  • Standard closures include a stainless steel slinger over a full contact silicon seal to form a double barrier of protection during operation and wash-down.
  • Stainless steel bearings are filled with FDA/USDA (approved for incidental food contact) water/wash resistant, odorless, Mobilgrease FM222 lubricant.
  • Polymer housings are available with protective end and through caps for increased bearing protection during wash-down.


  • Thermoplastic housing wash to a temperature of 285F and have a tensile strength of 17,300PSI
  • Corrosion Resistant


  • Complete and Easy Wash Down

Mounted Bearing Units for HVAC

HVAC Industry:
Industrial, commercial and residential Fan & Blower manufacturers globally depend on PEER for supply and support from design to delivery.
The foundation of the PEER Air-Handling line of bearings and assemblies focuses on providing the features and benefits that allow our customers to exceed the expectations of today and prepare for the increased demands of tomorrow; low noise, reduced vibration, energy saving, reliable and high value.
PEER product offerings encompass an ever widening variety of bearing styles and application specific solutions to cover the regional as well as the global requirements of this demanding industry. Combined with a full assortment of standard bearings and housings styles and types, PEER's patented line of Grip-It™ and industry exclusive Grip-It™ Plus concentric locking bearings combine ease of assembly with unparalleled performance.
Industry and application specific Application Engineers are available for design review, validation and consultation to insure each and every PEER bearing is perfectly suited to the application.
PEER customers and their end users expectations are ever expanding and we continuously invest in and leverage our application knowledge, R&D and manufacturing expertise to provide cost effective, reliable, industry leading and consistent products under the PEER Brand.


  • Premium lubricant and select fill amount for long life and optimal performance


  • Bearings and housings are individually matched to achieve an air handling fit, a unique set of tolerances to ensure easy alignment and prevent bearing pre-load when mounting on light steel and aluminum frames


  • 100% Noise Tested on State-of-the-art Anderon Meter equipment to EMQ (electric motor quality standards)
  • Patented Grip-It and Grip-it™ Plus bearing provide full concentric balance

Mounted Bearing Units for Material Handling

Material Handling applications present challenging environmental conditions that demand flexible mounting and locking styles and zero downtime. Standard bearings are often designed for use in other industries with less demanding applications and don't provide the features needed for the specific application. PEER Bearing offers a full line of mounted bearing units tailored specifically for the material handling industry.


  • Grade 10 balls for smoother operation
  • Nylon 6/6 ball retainer designed to accommodate misalignment
  • High quality bearing insert with multiple locking styles
  • Housings manufactured from high strength ASTM Grade 30 cast iron
  • Seals made from high quality nitrile rubber
  • Protective end caps molded from high visibility, durable polypropylene


  • Precision ground and superfinished raceways
  • Grip It Plus Locking
  • Knurled Landing Grooves
  • Extended seal lip design


  • Reduced vibration and extended life
  • Concentric 360 Hold
  • Optimized Seal Retention
  • Extended product life and contaminant reduction

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